Quién Somos

Since 15 years working on Film (Wooddy Allen, Steven Soderbergh, Alejandro González Iñarritu, Larry Charles, Marc Foster) & Advertisement (Skoda, PSP, Orange, McDonalds, CaixaCat, Unilever) industry I decided to go on and gather together a young, powerfull and challenged group of people with the necessary experience and talent to suit any type of audiovisual project on the cities of Barcelona, London, Berlin & LATAM. This is how Soul Pictures offers you two complementary sides.

In one hand, we give you the best and more efficient production service for your commercial spot or shooting guaranteeinng you a competitive national & international service.

By the other hand, through our creative side we offer you brilliant and impacting solutions for brands they need create new contents for their specific targets and timings. It can be Transmedia 2.0, Web serial, Commercial Spot or Branded Content.

¡So you have here a very young and dinamic band! Producers, Creative Directors, Art Designers, Copy Writers, Web Designers, On-line Strategists, DOP´s, Editors and many more just focused in giving to you the most effective solution you are searching.

Came on board and enjoy the travel!

Nicos Beatty, Executive DirectorLinkedin Nicos Beatty
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